Dear Bank CD Holder,
With the low CD rates that are being offered   by banking institutions today and with the stock markets at their lowest point in years, many of you are looking for alternatives.

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CD-Type Annuities offer the following:

  • Tax Deferred Growth
  • Liquidity Features
  • Guaranteed Income
  • May avoid Probate
  • Stability

CDs lack tax-deferred growth and have withdrawal penalties. Annuities are a great alternative to bank CDs.

We are independent and have the ability to shop the entire annuity marketplace for products that meet our clients diverse needs. If your first concern is interest rates, we'll provide you with an annuity yielding 10% or more the first year, guaranteed. Possibly, guarantees over a certain period of time (1 to 10 years) is what you want. Or, if your main focus is on the quality of the annuity carrier, we'll consider only A+ rated companies.

Before you consider a CD, or if your CD is maturing, allow us to shop the market for more competitive options. Get options that maximize your retirement income and insure you never outlive your savings.


Hank Fanter, (630)855-4936

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