Fixed Annuities

This type of annuity gets its name because the annual rate of return is "fixed" by the by the insurance company. And this rate is reset once a year by the issuing insurance company. All annuities are tax deferred , which helps you accumulate money faster than other savings vehicles such as CDs, because the interest earns money tax-deferred.

CD Type Annuities, are a type of fixed annuity, they are issued with a fixed rate of return that is guaranteed from one year to ten years without annual renewal.

Bonus Type Annuities, are also a type of fixed annuity, that offers an attractive first year bonus that can in some cases be taken in cash or added to your initial annuity payment. If you leave the bonus in the annuity it also earns interest on a tax-deferred basis.

Fixed Annuities are considered low-risk and are issued by insurance companies. Since the financial strength of the insurance company is what backs the annuity, it is important that the insurance company is financially sound. Independent rating companies such as Moody's, A.M. Best, Standard & Poor's and Fitch are your best source for this financial information.

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