Is your family prepared to care for you?
This may be an option for you. It is estimated that care for the elderly or disabled will surpass childcare in the next 30 years. This care will be given by family members, causing these family members to use there own current funds and deplete savings.

They will be forced to take time off work, further reducing their earning power and jeopardizing their employment. If they are self-employed they may find their business in danger.

In addition to these direct costs there are indirect costs, such as:

  • Strain on family relations
  • Marital problems
  • Loss of your personal pride
  • Loss of independence

In the past, families lived together and children did not move far from their parents. Taking care of elder parents was a part of life. However, today's families are highly mobile and live long distances apart. This makes being care givers impossible.

If you can't see why you should buy Long Term Care for yourself, then buy it for your family's sake.

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